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Choosing Assisted Living: A Daughter’s Perspective

When your dad moves out of his current home and into a senior living community, there can be a lot of unknowns. In Linda Necker’s case, those unknowns turned into pleasant surprises.


Necker’s father, Mike Fahey, moved into a Heritage community in February 2018. We spoke with Linda about what the transition was like for her and her dad.


Q: What were your fears or concerns before he moved?

A: Having that conversation. He was living in an apartment and wasn’t interested in looking at any assisted living communities, but he was needing an increasing amount of help. He has a condition that causes dizziness. In December 2017 he had a serious bout of dizziness and went to the ER. Doctors told him he should start to consider other living arrangements. Their advice helped make that transition doable.


Q: What were the challenges of moving in?

A: Heritage had several great apartment options available for him, and it took some time for him to choose. The staff at Heritage was amazing while he weighed his options, and they made the move-in process seamless. It went so smoothly, we both wondered why we didn’t do it sooner.


Q: Did it take long for him to get settled?

A: He made friends very quickly. He’s an extrovert, and I think he’d gotten depressed living alone. Now he has meals with all of his friends, and the other night he went out to a restaurant with some of the guys. I was surprised how much camaraderie there is.


Q: What have been the highlights of his experience so far?

A: The nurses and the quality of the healthcare is amazing. They really strive to protect his autonomy. My father is a brilliant man. He’s a chemist by trade. He ran marathons, climbed trees, and biked for miles and miles into his 70s. He’s somebody who wants to do his own thing, and it’s frustrating to him that he needs help. The team at Heritage is so sensitive to that, and they really let him do as much for himself as possible. In fact, they’ve even taught me how to respect his independence!


Q: Have there been any surprises?

A: One of the best things that has happened is that the great-grandkids have gotten to know their great-grandpa. When he was living in his apartment, it was too small for our whole family. The kids had nothing to do there, so they didn’t go visit very often. Here they have a game room and a table that’s big enough for all the kids, grandkids and great-grandkids in our family. We can have everyone over for dinner with grandpa.


Q: Anything else you’d like people to know about Heritage?

A: I have cried happy tears because of how wonderful Heritage Communities is! They have changed my life, and my dad’s life, for the better.


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