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Respite Care: Do You Need a Break?

Caring for an aging loved one is an important and rewarding job. But everyone needs an occasional break. In fact, caregivers should allow themselves time off to recharge. If you’re not taking care of your own needs, you run the risk of developing the physical and emotional fatigue known as caregiver burnout.


Maybe you’re feeling overwhelmed by the demands of helping your loved one. Or maybe you’re juggling things pretty well but would like to take a vacation or spend some time with your own children. If you need to get away for a while, either emotionally or physically, respite care could be the answer.


Respite Care: Short-Term Helping Hands

Respite care covers your loved one’s needs while you’re out of town or taking a break. At Heritage Communities, our Respite Care program is all-inclusive. Respite Care clients stay on-site in furnished apartments. Amenities include a kitchenette, cable TV and internet, secure outdoor courtyards, and three meals a day in our restaurant-style dining room.


Heritage Respite Care offers more than just a nice place to stay, however. It also offers peace of mind. When your loved ones come to stay, they’ll have access to staff 24 hours a day to help with care needs both big and small.


Respite Care After Surgery or Rehabilitation

Short-term respite care is also a great option if your loved one needs some temporary extra help. Often, older adults who are recovering from surgery or coming out of physical rehab aren’t quite ready to head home by themselves. A week or two of respite care can provide the extra support they need until they’re back on their feet. 


Respite Care: Trying Out Assisted Living

There’s another perk to a short-term stay at Heritage Communities: It can serve as a trial run for the future.


If you have an aging parent, you’ve probably given some thought to long-term care plans. For many older adults, Assisted Living communities are a great option when the demands of living in the family home become too much to handle. Sometimes, though, aging adults are reluctant to give up the familiar comforts of home.


A short-term stay in Respite Care can offer a glimpse of what it might be like to move into Assisted Living full-time. Some visitors will find it’s not for them. But many others will come away intrigued by the mix of social activities, restaurant-style dining, attentive care staff and resident camaraderie.


Ready to learn more? Find a Respite Care community near you.