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Sterling Ridge COVID update

July 26, 2020 Update:

With each passing day, we continue to be grateful for no new cases of COVID-19 (Coronavirus) in our community. Today we received the last of our test results, which were all negative. We currently have no other associates or residents presenting with signs or symptoms.

We are grateful to our residents who have been faithful to stay inside their apartments these past several days, in order to keep themselves and others safe. Families have become fantastic partners, as they continue to pause visits and increase their use of zoom and FaceTime for connecting with loved ones. As always, our associates are taking many precautions to keep everyone safe. We are proud of everyone working together to keep the health and wellness of our residents a top priority.

If we have no other positive cases, we anticipate lifting our quarantines on the following dates:

Assisted and Independent Living: July 4, 2020 at 7:00am

Memory Support: July, 8, 2020 at 7:00am


We will send communication if we have any other updates or changes to share. Please remember that even when we lift the quarantine, we ask that residents wear masks when they leave their apartment homes and stay on our campus. Family visits will still be restricted even after the quarantine is lifted until we roll out our phased reopening plan. That said, we are working diligently on protocols that will allow for family visits a reality in the near future. We look forward to sharing details with you once we have determined a safe and functional approach to visits.

We couldn’t be more appreciative for your partnership and support during this time. Thank you for being a large part of the Heritage United mission.


On June 16, 2020, we were notified that one of our associates at The Heritage at Sterling Ridge tested positive for COVID-19. Since that time, we have tested all residents in independent living and assisted living apartments, as well as associates who have been identified as high risk for exposure. As of June 19th, eight residents and three associates have had positive test results return. We are awaiting additional test results and will notify residents, their families and our associates as more information is available. We continue to work closely with our local public health department, ICAP and our home office Pandemic Planning Committee to mitigate the risk of spread in our community.

Currently, there are no positive resident cases in memory support, however we have chosen to test all associates working in that section of the community out of abundance of caution. If we receive any positive test results from these associates, we will test all memory support residents. We believe the risk of exposure to these residents is minimal.

Residents who have tested positive have been notified, along with their primary/emergency contact, and we have had regular communication with families. We will continue to have direct communication with these individuals if we should have any concerns related to a change in condition. Associates testing positive have been removed from our schedule and will be quarantining at their home.

We have identified areas of risk by a color-coded system. Red zones are where we know a positive case resides. Residents in our red zone will need to stay quarantined to their apartments until they receive two negative test results. We will continue to work with ICAP and public health on testing procedures to obtain additional tests for our red zone individuals. The remainder of our independent living and assisted living are in the yellow zone, where we have reason to believe there may be positive cases. On June 27th, we will retest all residents who initially received their negative test results to ensure there are no new cases. If we have no new positive results at that time, we will be able to remove the quarantine for our yellow zone. Memory support, at this time, is not under a quarantine. Please note, that even when not under direction of a quarantine due to active covid cases, such as our memory support at this time, we are still not allowing visitors until reopening phases have been implemented. Lifting quarantine in this instance simply allows residents to come out of their apartment and walk around our community, wearing masks and staying socially distanced.

We know you have trusted us to care for those most important to you, and it is an honor we take very seriously. This week, weekend and through a portion of next week, our home office Director of Heritage Healthcare Services, Chris Johnson, has been working out of our community to support testing efforts, infection control protocols and associate education related to the virus. Chris also serves as the head of our Pandemic Planning Committee, whom we have been working extremely closely with during this time. We will continue communication with residents, families and associates as more information is available. Thank you for your support and understanding during this difficult time.