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The Benefits of Companion Living in Memory Support

The anticipation of moving to a new senior living community can bring with it many emotions, but when a new resident has a built-in support network, including a friendly companion, the transition is often smoother. Living with a new friend can help reduce loneliness and improve personal connections, both important factors for a successful transition to senior living. Studies have found that among those with Alzheimer's disease, having close friends nearby is linked to better cognition and overall life satisfaction. Residents who remain active and engaged through personal relationships, such as having a roommate in a companion room, also experience a sense of purpose which provides structure to their day, especially as they get to know their community setting and get used to a new routine in a memory support program. 

Companionship through a shared living space is a great way for those with memory impairment to interact with others on a daily basis, giving them a sense of wellbeing and comfort, while enriching their daily experience through socialization.

When residents share an apartment, their social network is multiplied through visits from each resident’s family, friends and care providers. Families get to know one another during visits, expanding the social network for both residents. What’s more, those who share a companion apartment may be more likely to attend community activities together, increasing their potential for social engagement, friendships and hobbies.

Oftentimes companion-suite mates become close friends, getting to know each other’s preferences and challenges, schedules and habits, and sharing concern for one another’s health and well-being. Residents who connect through companion-style living can tell when something is not quite right with their suite-mate and assistance from the community team is needed. Having an extra set of eyes and another human touch point throughout the day – and night – provides an extra layer of security and comfort for both residents. Living with another person also provides residents with a renewed sense of purpose by keeping track of and looking out for their friend. 

Companion apartments offer the same access to memory support care, dining services, amenities and 24/7 assistance but at a fraction of the cost. Companion apartment floor plans offer privacy with individual private bedrooms and a shared living room and common area. This set-up allows each resident their own private space, while meals and social time can be spent together.

While this may be the first time you’ve heard of or have considered companion-style living for your aging loved one, shared suites in senior living communities have been popular for many years due to their unique advantages.  Not only do companion living make memory care services in a premier community more affordable, but sharing an apartment with another resident provides a built-in social network and an opportunity for friendship.

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