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What is Assisted Living Really Like? Residents Tell All

What is it really like to move into an assisted living community? Maybe you’ve heard friends talk about the great experience their parents have had in a senior living community. Then again, maybe you’ve heard some not-so-good stories.


The truth is, not all assisted living communities are created equal. They vary in the way they look, the services they offer ­– ­and the quality of care they provide. Even when they both look great on paper, two communities can feel very different from one another. It’s important for potential residents to find the place that feels like home.


For Heritage residents, “home” is marked by several key features.


Social Connections at Heritage Communities Assisted Living

Maybe your parent is a social butterfly. Or maybe your parent is an introvert who prefers to spend time with one or two close confidants. Wherever your parent falls on that spectrum, social connectedness is important for health and well-being.


In an assisted living community like Heritage, it’s easy for residents to find belonging. Many residents say friendship is the best part of assisted living:


“I stay here mainly for my friends. We have a good time together. People wonder what we find to laugh about [so often]!” ­

Cathy, Heritage Communities resident


“We have long, long conversations. The meal is an hour long, we’re probably there for an hour and a half [or] sometimes even two hours in the evening, just sitting and chatting and having a good time.” ­

Don, Heritage Communities resident


Heritage Community’s Engaging Activities

Not everybody loves bingo, and that’s okay. While we offer that beloved game of chance, our Life Enrichment Directors look beyond the basics to provide something for everyone. The event calendar typically includes movies, educational programs, musical performances, exercise classes and regular happy hour get-togethers:


“Last week we went on a mystery bus ride. We went south and west from here and the corn was just starting to show up. As we looked across the farmland, there was just a blush of green. It was a very beautiful trip.” ­

Bill, Heritage Communities resident


“About a month ago we went [to a restaurant] called the Pink Poodle and had a very nice meal. As a matter of fact, we’re going to go up there and celebrate [my birthday and Bill’s] later this month.”

 – Don, Heritage Communities resident


Our Services and Amenities

Heritage Assisted Living offers staff on-site around the clock to help residents with tasks such as bathing, dressing and taking medications. Our private apartments are designed with all the comforts of home – and then some. Amenities include weekly housekeeping and laundry, restaurant-style dining and transportation. We also offer on-site religious services, salon treatments, exercise centers and more:


“We felt welcomed, so it wasn’t too hard to give up the old home. Our food has been excellent. We enjoy being here.”

­– Dean, Heritage Communities resident


“Part of the fun for me was no more cooking, no more cleaning. [I thought], ‘Okay, I can get used to this!’ I feel spoiled and [my husband] feels well taken care of, and that’s why we’re happy campers.”

Emily, Heritage Communities resident


Find the Right Assisted Living Community

For many older adults, assisted living is an opportunity to Live Better. The best way to find the right fit is to see communities in person. To learn more about Heritage Assisted Living, find a location near you, and schedule a tour.