What Heritage United Means to Me – From a Daughter

What Heritage United Means to Me – From a Daughter

We are Heritage United and this is my story:

I live in Arizona, and my mom lives at The Heritage at College View in Hastings.

My mom is a social person and loves to visit with her friends and bring smiles to people’s faces. She can’t pass someone without saying hello.  Moving into Heritage in February of 2019 has been a blessing for her.  We lost our father a few months after they moved into Heritage and it was so comforting to see how caring and loving everyone at Heritage was to my mom. She was lost without my dad, but they kept checking on her and made her get out and involved in things. They held her hand and cried with her, comforted her and made sure she got anything she needed. I was able to spend a week with mom at that time and I witnessed firsthand the dedication and special attention each person at Heritage gave to my mom. They weren’t just doing their job, they were being part of our family.

Later that same year I was diagnosed with cancer for the fourth time. I had to cancel my Christmas plans to visit my mom because I was going through treatments. I know that was hard for my mom to deal with and I know we both missed seeing each other over the holidays, especially with my dad being gone. However, I know my mom was kept busy during that time with activities and the fun entertainment Heritage always brings in. Christmas plans were changed to Spring Break plans in April since I am a teacher. Then Covid hit and all plans were canceled. It was so hard on both of us and I wanted so much to just see my mom’s face and hear her voice at the same time.  So, I gave her an Echo for her birthday in March. I knew my mom wouldn’t know how to set it up, but I also knew that wouldn’t be a problem. I knew she would have all the help she needed to get it working, and I was right, because the team was Johnny on the Spot, and set it up for my mom the day she got it. Now I’m able to drop in on my mom every day and see her lovely face and hear her tell me about all the things she does each day.

I can’t thank all the people at Heritage enough for all they do for my mom. They have a special gift and I’m so glad they are sharing it with my mom and our family. They are the reason we continue to trust, support, and endure even during these difficult times.

My mom and I are proud to be part of Team Heritage!



Ami Beiriger, Daughter of a Resident