Our Culture

Welcome home.

Compassion, trust, respect and fun. Every one of our Heritage Communities team members – from senior leadership and caregivers to kitchen staff and volunteers – embody these core values. It’s our way of opening our doors and our arms to residents and their families. And it’s what makes Heritage Communities senior living culture feel so right.

Fun may not be the first word that comes to mind when thinking about a community’s culture, where seniors have serious health care needs. But we want to make sure the fun is never left out of the lives of residents, associates, families and everyone we touch.

Everyone’s home should be a delight, so we think it’s important to infuse good times, laughter and rewarding relationships to residents’ lives.

We promise: Whenever you come to a Heritage Community, to live or to visit a loved one, you’ll feel as if you’ve come home.

“Time flies when
you’re having fun!”
– Charlotte

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We love making new friends.