Good Things Ahead: How Change Can Benefit Seniors

Good Things Ahead: How Change Can Benefit Seniors

Change. A word that causes anxiety, yet at the same time, can open the door to wonderful experiences on the horizon. As we grow older, we find ourselves so deeply rooted in our present situation that we think we can’t possibly do anything different and still be happy.

The reality is, though, that you’ve been living with change your whole life: your job, your family, your health, your passions, even your favorite foods! Moving to a senior living community might feel like the anxiety ridden kind of change, but more and more, seniors embracing change are finding out just how freeing it can be.

Seniors embracing change: how do they feel about it?

More and more seniors around the country are making the change and choosing to live in independent living communities. According to Holleran consulting LLC:

  • 89.3% of independent living residents rate their overall satisfaction as good or excellent
  • 84.5% of independent living residents would recommend their community to someone else.

Not convinced? Here are 5 benefits of moving to a senior living community:

1. New friends in your community.

Research shows that having a strong network of friends gives your brain a boost. It’s okay to cherish your long-time relationships, and also be ready to embrace new conversations. For some who have been living a solitary lifestyle, having a cheerful person greet you every day would be a welcome delight. Life in a senior living community offers seniors embracing change as much socialization as they’d like, without having to give up their privacy. You get to decide how social, or how private, you want to be.

2. Good food that’s good for you—that you don’t have to cook.

Shopping and cooking for one can become tedious, which is why so many seniors find themselves lacking in nutrition. In a senior living community, an executive chef is often in charge of creating menus that not only tantalize the appetite, but offer health benefits too. This is one important area where seniors embracing change reap benefits that can lead to a longer, healthier life.

3. Embrace your health with fitness classes and wellness programs.

Sitting alone in front of the television all day isn’t good for anyone, and especially not for those over 50. In fact, isolation and loneliness can damage both physical and emotional health. Studies show that walking faster than three miles an hour cuts the risk of heart disease in participants by 50%. A simple hug from our team members can even lower your blood pressure!

Move to a senior living community and your world grows larger: regular social activities, dynamic wellness programs, fitness classes, parties and special events, and a team of associates readily available to help you pursue healthy aging. The whole atmosphere gets you moving.

4. Take advantage of new senior technology.

If you imagine life in a senior living community is a porch full of rocking chairs and nothing but shuffleboard, you’re in for a treat. More and more of today’s communities are embracing cutting-edge technology to simplify and enhance life for residents, through computer access and training, online classes, and events. Proactive health monitoring and medication management to help residents stay as healthy and independent as possible. If you’re one of the smart seniors embracing change today, you want to be where the action is: in a full-service community!

5. Learning is good for you.

Research says learning something new and complex for six months changes your brain. Continually learning can reduce the risk of cognitive decline. When you move to a senior living community, you’re immediately learning lots of new things every day. And you’re most likely able to sit in on lectures, presentations and classes that further stimulate your brain.

Give up the worries and embrace the good life!

Leaving a cherished home can be hard, but when you consider what lies ahead in a senior living community: less stress, no more worries of home upkeep, warm companionship, nutritious and delicious dining with friends, opportunities for intellectual, emotional and spiritual growth and more, you might just find yourself as a senior embracing change. With all of the benefits of moving to a senior living community, no wonder those who make the move are so satisfied!

Heritage Communities Could Be the Change You Are Looking For

At Heritage Communities, you get to make your own choices because you are an individual—and in our care, you’ll always be treated as such. We have thoughtfully designed each of our communities with you in mind, then fill them with caregivers and staff members whom you’ll want to get to know, to share with and to learn from. Superior care, accommodating living areas, delicious meals, engaging activities and, most importantly, the freedom to be yourself.

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