Know the Facts: What’s Included in the Average Cost of Senior Living Communities

Know the Facts: What’s Included in the Average Cost of Senior Living Communities

It’s not uncommon to experience a bit of sticker shock when you look at the average cost of senior living communities—until you see the extensive list of services and amenities that are covered by your monthly fee. Living at home, it’s easy to forget just how many expenses are your responsibility, from yard maintenance, to insurance and taxes, to home security systems and repairing the roof. At Heritage Communities, we want to give you information on what’s included in the cost of senior living so you can decide what is right for you.

What’s usually included in the average cost of senior living communities

senior woman looking at the average cost of senior living communities

  • Interior and exterior maintenance. Raking leaves. Shoveling snow. Patching the roof or trying to find a plumber. That’s all in the past. You don’t have to lift a finger. Keeping the grounds and exterior of the community pristine and inviting is just part of what’s included in the cost of senior living. You also have a helpful staff ready to help with anything from changing a light bulb to changing batteries in a smoke detector.
  • Housekeeping. Whether you’ve been keeping your home tidy yourself, or you’ve had a housekeeper do it for you, housekeeping is high on the list of what’s included in the cost of senior living. In many communities it is offered biweekly and laundry of flat linens is done as well. You can work with the staff of the senior living community to schedule your residence cleaning at your convenience.
  • Transportation. When reviewing what’s included in the average cost of senior living communities, it’s important to take note of which services offer you multiple advantages, like safety, cost savings, convenience and more. Transportation to medical appointments and scheduled events is one such benefit. No more driving in bad weather, fighting traffic, paying for gas or car repairs, or searching for a parking place—instead, you can rely on provided transportation to take you where you need to go.
  • Exercise and wellness resources. Imagine having a dedicated exercise area just steps from your door, with senior-friendly exercise equipment waiting for you, as well as classes and instruction on pursuing lifelong wellness. You can have fun, work on balance and strength, and more. It’s all part of what’s included in the cost of senior living.
  • Entertainment, socializing and fun. Imagine having easy access to a wide range of amenities and activities based on residents’ wants, input and suggestions. In other words, things that you really want to do! It could be a well-stocked library. A lively pub where you can gather with friends to discuss the day. A movie theater with no lines and free popcorn! Classes, concerts, games, special outings, poker, book clubs, billiards, and the list goes on. What’s included in the cost of senior living? As much fun as you can have!
  • Safety and security. It’s a tremendous benefit to feel secure in your surroundings, knowing someone is always close by if needed. At Heritage Communities, we offer the peace of mind of an electronic daily check-in system. We also incorporate important safety features into all areas of our communities, such as wider hallways, good lighting, and other important details. And there’s the reassurance that each community is staffed 24 hours a day.
  • Delicious dining and nutritional guidance. In a senior living community, the culinary staff understands how to prepare meals that are not only delicious and appealing, but also nutritionally sound. That’s important for anyone over 60, as the dangers of a diet lacking in nutrients can be a real threat to health. Plus, menus are put together by professional chefs who truly want to make each dining experience memorable. When searching for the senior living community that is right for you, ask which meals are included in your monthly fee and be sure to have a meal or two to see what you think. Even if you opt to prepare an occasional meal in your residence, it’s great to know that there’s always something good cooking just down the hall!

What’s included in the average cost of senior living communities? More than you expected! 

Companionship, lifelong learning, parties and celebrations, spiritual growth, an inspiring quality of life—and maybe most of all, the priceless benefit of peace of mind. Good things to keep in mind when you are considering what value you’ll find in a senior living community. 

Heritage Communities is focused on helping seniors find the key to living better. If you have questions about respite care, or how to make the right senior living choice for a loved one, download our free guide, Family Decision Toolkit:  How to choose the right senior living community. Or contact us today.