AI Monitoring to Reduce Falls – AUGi Enhances Safety Measures in Memory Care

Artificial Intelligence is finally here with a system that holds promise, innovation, and represents our unwavering dedication to seniors Living Better. As you consider the best care for your loved one, we invite you to learn more about this innovative care-supporting technology. Heritage Communities believes so strongly in it, we have partnered with the maker as the only provider in the Omaha area to offer it in our Memory Care apartments. Let us introduce you to AUGi—a guardian, a watchful companion, and an advocate for safety.


Why Heritage Communities is using Science and AI 

Video Monitoring

AUGi’s unblinking eye captures moments—the gentle rise from a favorite chair, the midnight wanderings, the subtle shifts that tell a story. It’s more than watchful care; it’s connection.

Artificial Intelligence Algorithms

Behind the lens, artificial intelligence awakens. Algorithms analyze patterns, detect anomalies, and anticipate needs. When your parent’s steps falter or their routine changes, AUGi alerts our care team to pay attention to the variance. It’s the early warning system that guides our team to engage compassionately and confidently to keep our residents safe.

Real-Time Fall Prevention

Falls—the silent adversaries in memory care. AUGi stands guard, predicting instability, and acting swiftly. Imagine an invisible hand steadying your loved one, preventing accidents before they occur. Because AUGi doesn’t just react – it anticipates, preserving dignity and well-being – our care team has more information to meet your loved ones needs earlier than ever.


Using AI for Your Loved One’s Safety

Peace of Mind for Families

Implementing AUGi isn’t just about technology; it’s about helping our associates provide exceptional care and peace of mind for our families. As you navigate this journey, know that Heritage stands by your side, employing innovative technology like AUGi, a silent promise that safety is our priority.

24/7 Monitoring

AUGi never sleeps. It’s the vigilant sentry that watches over your parent day and night. Whether it’s dawn or midnight, it remains steadfast, ensuring safety without compromise, notifying our team of risks to your loved one.

Alerts Staff Instantly

AUGi doesn’t hesitate. When it senses urgency, it notifies our care team through alarms and notifications within a cell phone app. Whether it’s a midnight wander or an unexpected movement, AUGi ensures swift action. Each care associate wears a beacon lanyard that AUGi can detect when the associate enters the apartment. In fact, studies in other communities who have installed AUGi show that care associate engagement actually increases.

Early Fall Detection

Statistics tell us that falls are common. AUGi defies statistics. It detects shifts in movement, irregular patterns, and potential hazards. When every second counts, AUGi acts swiftly to alert care associates.

Tracks Movement Patterns and Trends

AUGi learns rhythms—the morning shuffle, the afternoon pause, the evening return to bed. It adapts, becoming attuned to unique needs. The support team behind AUGi monitors data patterns that provide a window into your loved one’s routines. When they see anomalies, they notify the community care team so we can engage early to evaluate potential underlying causes.

More Informed Fall Response

Without AUGi, our team, in an abundance of caution, may send a resident to the hospital for evaluation of potential head trauma. With AUGi, our team can review the video and better understand what happened to make a more informed choice resulting in fewer unnecessary hospital visits.


Leading the Way in Memory Care Technology

Our Exclusive Rights

AUGi isn’t available everywhere. At Heritage Communities, we hold the key—the exclusive rights to this transformative technology in memory care communities in the Omaha metro area. It’s our promise to you and your loved ones in our care.

Innovation and Expertise

Our team pioneers change. This technology is a testament to our commitment—to push boundaries, embrace innovation, and redefine memory care.


Respecting Privacy: Our Approach with AUGi

Privacy Features

We understand the delicate balance between safety and privacy. AUGi respects both. Encrypted data storage, secure access, and resident consent form the foundation. The Residents dignity remains intact.

Encryption and Secure Data Storage

Information is sacred, AUGi encrypts data, ensuring confidentiality. Trust is our cornerstone. All videos are intentionally blurred to respect our residents’ privacy and identity. The overlaid stick figure is what reflects the movements for teams’ observation.

Resident Consent

We seek permission, honoring autonomy. While AUGi is installed within the apartment, family or resident can choose whether to enable the safety-enhancing monitoring or not. Heritage respects your choices.

Compliance with Regulations

Heritage Communities’ implementation of AUGi adheres to industry standards. We’re not just innovators; we’re responsible stewards of care.


Common Questions About AUGi

How Do You Protect Resident Privacy?

Rest assured, Heritage Communities balances safety and confidentiality. Privacy is woven into AUGi’s code.

Can Family Members Access AUGi Data?

Heritage Communities is implementing AUGi as a tool to empower our associates to provide enhanced care. monitoring trends and alerting them of risks to reduce avoidable harm. Our team will evaluate the data and signals AUGi generates regarding your loved one’s situation and notify you according to our care procedures.

What Happens During Power Outages?

AUGi has backup battery support. Even in darkness, it remains vigilant and can notify our associates of any concerns via notifications on the cell phone app.


Choose Safety. Choose Heritage Communities with AUGi.

Your parent deserves the best—a life in a Heritage Community, where safety and compassion converge. AUGi is more than technology; it’s part of our promise to care, protect, and honor. Let’s create a circle of trust, where love and innovation thrive.


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