A Note To Those Considering A Move During COVID-19

August 26, 2020

A Note To Those Considering A Move During COVID-19

August 26, 2020

A year ago, no one would have imagined the impact a single virus could have on so many aspects of our lives. For senior living, this is even more accurate. While infection control has always been an important aspect of our services, we know it’s never been more critical than it is today.

Our Commitment

Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, we promised our residents, families and associates that we would be transparent in our communication. We have written hundreds of letters and emails to keep those who rely on us informed, so no one has to wonder what is happening inside of our communities. Our commitment to transparency has a ripple effect as we make the choice to share what real life looks like in our communities, through our promotional materials.

We never use stock photography, so you can rest assured what you see is truly what you will get. You will notice masks and personal protective equipment (PPE) in our photos. While this might be unexpected and we look different today than we did last year, these measures are keeping our loved ones safe. At Heritage Communities, we want you to see our team as they are. Our residents, families and associates have chosen to take precautions that put the safety and wellness of all our residents first. 

Through COVID-19, we have become stronger in our infection control practices, we have learned to support one another when it’s hard, and more than anything, we have become a tighter community within our communities. While masks might cover part our faces, there is no hiding the smiles and joy that radiate inside of our communities!

We have learned that every new challenge, including this virus, takes the combined efforts of our residents, family members and associates in order to keep those most vulnerable safe. The phrase “Heritage United” was born out of the mission to keep our residents’ safety and wellbeing a top priority, and we have repeatedly seen this displayed in a variety of ways over the past several months.

Family members rallied around our teams with encouraging words and supportive gestures, all the while placing trust in us as we made difficult decisions.

Residents have been asked to do things we could never have imagined a year ago. They have trusted our protocols, worn masks outside of their apartments and stayed socially distant between one another.

Associates have been consistent with their commitment to care for our resident, providing medical attention and companionship. They have worn more personal protective equipment (PPE) in the past year than they’ve worn in their entire lives. And they’ve done it all with a smile on their face, and unending love for our residents.

Each of our communities are currently working through their phased reopening plans. The leadership teams within every building has spent extensive time creating a three-phased approach to reopening that keeps the emotional well-being of our residents in mind, as they balance infection control protocols. We have a much better handle on the COVID-19 situation than when it first developed early in the year.

A note on Heritage

If you or a loved one are considering a move to senior living, we want you to know we understand your concern. Our promise is to communicate clearly and transparently, as we focus on our priority of keeping our residents safe and well. We may not look the same way we have in the past, and we long for a quick return to normalcy. But we have learned how to manage with this virus through appropriate PPE, engagement opportunities for you and your loved ones, and balancing the risks with the emotional wellbeing of residents through our protocols. We know that every individual has their own unique situation and concerns. We would welcome an opportunity to talk with you about how we can make the current environment both safe and fitting for you. Please reach out to the executive director at the location of your choice to begin the conversation.