What Heritage United Means to Me – From an Associate

What Heritage United Means to Me – From an Associate

Blog post written by Heritage Communities associate, Randi Pennell

They were isolated. No contact. Our memory care staff and residents were quarantined with cases of Covid in late March.  Those of us working in assisted living had heavy hearts as we missed our friends, co-workers, and residents. We thought about how they were putting their health on the line to care for our residents at Heritage. We thought about them being uncomfortable wearing hot gowns, masks, and face shields every day. We knew and felt in our hearts that they were the real heroes.

Every day we sent them colorful little post-its on a 8 x 12” piece of paper. We sent them encouraging quotes. We said, “I miss you!” We sent them funny jokes. We commented on the day like, “Happy Hump Day!”  We felt fear for them, compassion for their struggle, and pride for the work they were doing. We wondered if we could do it if we were put in their place.  I felt honored to know them all.

I get tears in my eyes as I describe what happened next, on May 20th. We were “through” the toughest part of Covid, but still isolated from each other, and still not seeing each other every day.  On May 20th, when I walked into the work room, every table was covered with colorful cards that our co-workers from Memory Care had made for us! They said, “Thank you! You always believed in us! We appreciate you!”  Some of the cards read, “You encouraged us! You kept us going!” They also bought us fancy muffins.

I’ve never felt such love from co-workers before. We didn’t know if our tiny notes were enjoyed or even read [because we couldn’t cross over to memory care]. But their kind words of love to us struck us to the core. The caring love and support we gave to them, came back to us and I felt it ten-fold.  It’s the warmest, happiest, memory I have for being a part of a team.

We were united! Heritage United! 

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