Assisted Living: What is Included and How Much Does it Cost?

Assisted Living: What is Included and How Much Does it Cost?

For many seniors, a top priority is maintaining their independence, so much so that they fear losing it. And while a majority of older adults want to stay in their homes, the reality is that nearly half of older adults will need help with daily living. Thankfully, there’s a way for our loved ones to get the care they need and deserve, that provides independence and privacy. There are many benefits of assisted living, for both you and your loved one.

What Assistance is in Assisted Living?

Put simply, assisted living communities can provide older adults with a home-like setting and personalized care. They’re aimed at seniors whose well-being or health needs a higher level of support — determined by a health assessment through the community per state regulations. Some of the most common services in assisted living communities are:

  • housekeeping
  • laundry
  • meals
  • dressing
  • grooming
  • medication management

Staff is also readily available 24/7 to assist residents with care, support, and safety. Before moving in, residents are assessed and given an individualized plan to address their specific needs, making their stay much more personalized.

More Benefits of Assisted Living

Assisted living has plenty of benefits to offer apart from a helping hand. It can also create a significantly better life for the person who needs assistance and can make their life much easier for their family members and caregiver too. According to a survey in 2019 called Quality of Life in Assisted Living found encouraging news; when seniors move to an assisted living community, 78% of family members and 87% of residents have reported being satisfied with their experiences inside the community.

The elderly who need help with ADLs (activities of daily living) will most commonly choose to live in an assisted living community.  This is because they typically need help with many everyday tasks, thus, they will be able to receive the help they need should their primary caregiver be unable to provide it. Their daily needs include:

  • 64% need assistance with taking a bath
  • 57% need assistance with taking a walk
  • 48% need assistance with getting dressed
  • 40% need assistance with using the restroom
  • 29% need assistance with transferring to a bed
  • 19% need assistance with eating

With these daily activities taken care of, you and your loved one can enjoy more time together and more peace of mind. Assisted living communities also provide many daily activities to improve cognitive function, socialization, and overall wellness in ways that would be more difficult at home. The array of calendar events, from free group fitness classes to lectures to movie nights, help residents feel right at home and provide yet more benefits of assisted living.

How Much Does Assisted Living Cost?

Assisted living communities will vary from one area to the next, and will depend on the types of services, residence sizes, and where in the country it’s located. However, it’s often more affordable than getting nursing care or home healthcare in the same area. According to the 2019 Genworth Cost of Care Survey, an estimated $4,051 is the average monthly rate in assisted living communities nationally. This equates to approximately $135 per day, while a private room inside a nursing home will cost around $284 every day ($8,517 every month).

The costs of assisted living are well worth the price, especially when it helps our loved ones receive the care and life they deserve. They not only get to keep their independence but will also be able to enjoy the many benefits it can provide. If you’re considering an assisted living arrangement for your aging loved ones, head over to Heritage Communities to see how much we can help you and your loved one settle into their new home. Download our guide, How to Fund Senior Care and Housing, for more information.