Assisted Living: The Perfect Blend of Independence and Support

Assisted Living: The Perfect Blend of Independence and Support

Each individual has their own unique preferences, personal stories, and capabilities, and as such, there is no one-size fits all program in today’s assisted living communities. Perhaps your loved one could use an extra hand with daily activities like housekeeping and laundry, or maybe they need assistance with bathing and dressing. Assisted living communities meet your loved one where they are, providing the care they need and encouraging independence and participation in an environment exclusively designed to support healthy aging.

One of the great advantages of an assisted living community is the maintenance-free lifestyle of a community where the yard work is always done, a freshly-cooked meal is prepared and ready, and staff members are available 24/7 should help be needed. What’s more, activities and amenities are steps away, so there is always something to keep your loved one socially engaged and active. Beyond bingo, today’s assisted living communities offer art experiences, book clubs, lectures and cultural events, musical concerts, worship opportunities and so much more. Amenities often include fitness centers and yoga classes, swimming pools and outdoor recreation or garden areas. Some communities even feature a salon and barber shop on site to keep your loved one looking and feeling their best.

Assisted living means peace of mind for your loved one, and for you

Family members often worry about an older loved one home alone. The safety and security an assisted living community provides can help to alleviate these concerns. Not only are staff members regularly checking in with residents, many assisted living communities now employ in-room technology to notify them if a resident falls or requires their help, any time – day or night. Assisted living communities are also designed with older adults in mind. Everything from floor plans to shower railings and lighting is constructed with the resident in mind, so concerns about a loved one navigating stairs or remembering to turn up the thermostat are no longer an issue. Communities are comfortable, safe, and secure.

Assisted living can be surprisingly social

Social isolation and poor relationships among older adults are one of the leading causes of serious health conditions, according to a recent CDC study. In fact, the study estimates that older adults living alone can experience a 50% increased risk of dementia, 29% increased risk of heart disease and a 32% increased risk of stroke. Many seniors are able to mitigate these risks by maintaining an active social calendar and keeping a weekly schedule. Yet for those who live alone, those who have lost a spouse, or those who are living with hearing loss or limited mobility, sustaining a social life can be extremely challenging.

Assisted living, with a built-in activity calendar and a peer group of potential friends, offers an opportunity for older adults to stay engaged. Since we know that socially connected individuals are happier and healthier than their more isolated counterparts, it goes without saying that a community setting can offer your older loved one benefits that extend beyond physical security, by providing an opportunity to forge friendships and stay active through their senior years.

Heritage Communities offers a range of options—from home care to independent and assisted living, memory care, and respite services for older adults—in Nebraska, Iowa, and Arizona. We encourage you to call the Heritage Communities location nearest you to learn more! Or, download our “Should You Stay or Should You Go?” guide. It’s a free guide to help you decide whether you should stay in your current home or make a move to a senior living community.