8 Reasons Why Community Living for Seniors is the Right Option

8 Reasons Why Community Living for Seniors is the Right Option

The freedom of choice that community living for seniors can provide is a perfect match for the modern retiree. That’s because so many of the elements of a happy lifestyle that appeal to these individuals —flexibility, serenity, security, respect—are the pillars of carefree senior living. Here, you are free to make your own choices each and every day.

Why is Community Living for Seniors so Great?

You choose how social you want to be.

A senior living community offers the privacy of a comfortable residence where you can read, email your grandchildren, take a nap, or enjoy some soothing music. Then if you decide you want to join an activity, you can choose a small group where you are comfortable. Having choices is what life is all about.

You can keep learning and growing without being lost in the crowd.

Senior living is great for those that prefer to be alone, because it opens up a world of lifelong learning possibilities that don’t require sitting in a huge classroom or interacting with too many people. Instead, you can choose to attend a small lecture. Join a small group for an educational outing. Watch a documentary. Or even just drop by the community’s library for a few quiet hours.

You are around familiar faces.

It’s tough to meet new people every day. In fact, it can be exhausting. Senior living communities provide opportunity to create an intimate neighborhood of friends who become familiar and are on the same journey as you. There’s no having to walk into a room of strangers and be the “new” person. You’re already part of the group!

You are invited to participate equally.

This chapter of your life can be as fulfilling and interesting as you choose. You might like to learn how to paint. You might like to occasionally join an exercise class. The good news is, in a senior living community, you are welcomed and appreciated in every endeavor. Everyone’s on a level playing field, so there’s no pressure to reach a certain level. What you do each day—and choose not to do—is totally up to you.

You can dine with others, or alone.

The idea of walking into a bustling dining room could be unsettling. The good news is you have options. You can join a few friends for a meal. You can eat in your apartment. Or, you could do a bit of both—maybe prepare a light snack and have a friend or two over to watch the big game. Having the freedom to decide is important, and allow you to carve your own unique experience.

You enjoy a quiet and secure environment.

It’s important to choose a senior living community that respects and honors who you are. As you are deciding, ask each community how they communicate with residents: through emails? Phone calls? In what instances would a staff member knock on your door? You can quickly get a feel for how sensitive they are to your preferences. Remember, your residence is your home, and your privacy matters. As you make new friends, you can let them know you enjoy your alone time.

You can live at your own pace.

Stay in your pajamas and watch a morning movie. Go for a walk after lunch. Work on your scrapbook. Maybe drop by the concert down the hall, or check your mail and catch up with a few friends. Then, spend a quiet evening in your residence with your four-legged friend. There’s no pressure to change when moving to a senior living community. Here, you make your own choices because you are an individual—an amazing unique individual—and in our care, you will always be treated as such.

You can rely on assistance if needed.

A big reason why senior living is great for any personality type, is because it offers important peace of mind. You can live a more private lifestyle but still know that professional, compassionate care and assistance is available 24/7 if your needs change. And you have the reassurance of already being familiar not only with the people who are there to support you, but the community setting as well.

At Heritage Communities, it’s the little things that matter most.

At Heritage Communities, we focus on what you are looking for in senior living, and we offer services and amenities designed to enhance community living for seniors. If you have questions about how to make the right senior living choice for yourself or a loved one, download our free guide, Family Decision Toolkit:  How to choose the right senior living community. Or contact us today. We are here to help you!