Advantages of Moving into a Senior Living Community During the Holidays

Advantages of Moving into a Senior Living Community During the Holidays

The holidays are a time to celebrate, reflect, and prepare for the New Year. But for some older adults, the holidays can bring back memories of lost loved ones and family traditions that have faded over the years, taking some of the joy out of the season. It’s a bittersweet time—but actually can be a great time to consider moving to senior living and immersing yourself in a vibrant, upbeat atmosphere filled with friends and festive celebrations.

Whether you’re a private person, a social butterfly, or a little of both, moving during the holidays has several perks.

9 reasons to move to a senior living community during the holidays:

  • It’s a great time to join in activities and celebrations. If recent holiday seasons have felt a little stale to you, moving to senior living will open up a world of possibilities. With no daily chores, you’ll be free to join new friends for lunch. Attend a holiday concert. Be a part of numerous parties and events. You can do as much or as little as you like. At Heritage Communities, you get to make your own choices.
  • You can really get to know residents and staff members. Caroling, pretty decorations, delicious treats… People generally are extra outgoing and friendly during the holiday season! Moving to senior living at this time gives you the opportunity to make new friendships that will flourish all year long.
  • Invite your family over to dine or participate. You always loved having the family together for special dinners, tree-trimming, or other holiday events. But maybe it’s become too exhausting. Once you’re at home in a Heritage Communities location, you can have your family over for a private meal or reception—where details will be taken care of for you! No dishes or worries, just a special time to make merry.
  • Enjoy all the beautiful decorations without climbing a ladder. There’s probably a box in your attic with lots of favorite decorations… but when was the last time you opened it? Instead, imagine walking just steps out your door and seeing beautiful twinkling lights and lovely holiday décor just waiting for you to enjoy. No need to bundle up to enjoy beautiful decorations and festive lights – it’s all within the cozy, warm community you now call home. 
  • Greet the new year in a new lifestyle. Making a fresh start in a lovely new apartment like those at Heritage Communities can be invigorating. You can come and go as you please, attend a class, see a movie, learn to paint, join in a singalong, exercise, read a good book in your apartment, and more. You’ve left home maintenance and worries behind. Moving to senior living is a gift you can enjoy all year—and the holidays are the perfect time to start!
  • Bring the whole family together. Long-distance family members may only be able to visit during the holidays. So it’s a perfect time to enlist their assistance in getting your new apartment arranged and even help put up a few decorations. They can meet your neighbors, talk to staff, enjoy a meal in the community, and get a feel for just how good your life will be there. In fact, at Heritage Communities, we often offer guest suites which are perfect for those out of town guests!
  • Stay safe and inside when winter roars. No more icy sidewalks. No bundling up just to get the mail. No wondering if it’s safe to drive on wet streets. Moving to senior living during the holidays gives you the advantage of being indoors, safe and snug, with no fears of isolation. Friends are right there and the activities calendar is full. 
  • Pay less for professional moving. Spring and summer are the busiest seasons for movers as so many families are often trying to relocate before school starts. You could enjoy substantial savings by choosing to move during this season.
  • Beat the new year rush. Things tend to ramp up at the first of the year and everyone gets busier. Move in before then, and you can get settled before the “rush” starts. Get to know the staff, explore the common areas, find out how wonderful it is to be able to truly relax without a to-do list waiting.

At Heritage Communities, we’re committed to making your life better. If you have some questions about how to make the right choice for senior living, download our free guide, Family Decision Toolkit: How to choose the right senior living community. Or contact us today. We are here to help you!