Senior Living Communities Today: Not What They Once Were

Senior Living Communities Today: Not What They Once Were

If the words “senior living communities” bring to mind a gloomy nursing home, you’re due for a change of perception—and some very good news! Today’s senior living communities are vibrant, comfortable, and inspiring settings where older adults can lead active and rewarding lives, free from everyday worries or responsibilities. 

Many factors have brought about these changes, such as people living longer, healthier lives and embracing the many benefits of being around others. Today’s seniors are driven to live better:  something we embrace at Heritage Communities. 

From an Edsel to a Cadillac! How senior living communities today have changed:

The senior living experience you want.

Are today’s senior living communities really that different than they were years ago? The answer is a resounding yes! One major reason is that seniors themselves are leading different lives than their grandparents did at the same age. They’re traveling, taking up new hobbies, immersing themselves in lifelong learning, hiking mountain trails, and seeking out others with similar interests. 

With so many interests and passions, seniors want a lifestyle that matches their vibrant outlook on life. Senior living communities are responding with classes, entertainment, volunteering opportunities, special outings, fitness and wellness programs, options for religious fulfillment and much more. Activity calendars are overflowing with diverse choices, and residents of senior living communities are encouraged to suggest new possibilities as they like. 

The opportunity to socialize as you choose.

Today’s older adults realize that being isolated at home and feeling lonely can have serious negative effects to their emotional and physical health. They instead want to live in a setting where social opportunities are right outside their door if they choose to participate. As you do your research on senior living communities, you’ll quickly see why so many residents say they feel like they are on vacation, with so many fun options at their fingertips—and none of the daily chores of home maintenance.

Even introverts enjoy today’s senior living communities because they have the freedom to be as social, or as private, as they choose.

The resources to help you remain as healthy and independent as possible.

Everything revolves about resident health and wellness in today’s senior living communities. As a resident, you can easily continue your fitness regimen or start a new one with classes, senior-friendly fitness equipment, walking groups, personal training and the motivation that comes from participating with others who share the same goals. 

There’s also the wonderful news that most senior living communities today are pet-friendly. Just having a pet helps older adults exercise, meet new people, reduce stress, and can contribute to better cognitive function. In other words, Fido and Fluffy are good for you! If you’ve feared that you would have to surrender your pet in order to move to a senior lifestyle, worry no more. At Heritage Communities, we welcome pets, because we believe that what puts a smile on your face and fills you with joy is what living better is all about.   

The dining experience that you deserve.

Eating a well-balanced meal is important at any age, but particularly for those 65 and older in order to supply energy and lower the risk for heart disease, diabetes and other chronic conditions. But it’s more than getting your vitamins. In the senior living communities of today, dining is a pleasant and inviting experience filled with multiple dining options, outdoor dining, seasonal menu options and more. 

Every day, without having to shop for ingredients, plan a meal ,or do the dishes, you can treat yourself to delicious fare prepared by a chef and served by a courteous wait staff. Enjoy the option of elegant dining or more casual fare when you’re on the go. Whatever your choice, dining in senior living communities today is much more than a meal. It’s an occasion to celebrate! 

Today’s Seniors Want More, and Senior Living Communities are Responding.

You most likely don’t drive an Edsel anymore. So don’t let the wrong impression of senior living hold you back from experiencing all the benefits and bonuses that await you in this carefree lifestyle centered on hospitality. Check out our senior living communities today to see what you’re missing.

At Heritage Communities, we can connect you to a community that matches your lifestyle, tastes and needs. Download our free guide, The Family Decision Toolkit. Or contact us today.