Assisted Living Safety and the Peace of Mind It Brings

Assisted Living Safety and the Peace of Mind It Brings

It can be hard to enjoy life when you’re worried about your or your loved one’s personal safety or well-being. That’s why so many older adults relish the reassurance of a vibrant assisted living atmosphere that is designed especially for comfort and convenience. You not only have the benefit of a helping hand when needed, but you can also relax knowing you’ve chosen a lifestyle that puts senior living safety first.

Assisted living safety:  How life in senior living can help you thrive

You’re part of the plan.

From the earliest architect’s sketch, today’s assisted living communities are created with the needs of older adults in mind. For example, most common areas like dining and activities are often on one level. Hallways are wider and feature handrails. Bathrooms include safety features, grab bars and walk-in showers. Lighting is amplified. Apartments feature emergency call systems. Senior living safety, particularly creating an environment that helps lower the risk of a fall, is always at the top of the list.

Transportation to appointments and more.

You might still choose to drive your vehicle after moving to assisted living. But if you’ve decided you’d rather not, the good news is there’s someone who can drive you where you need to go. At Heritage, we provide scheduled transportation for medical appointments, therapy and grocery shopping. So you don’t have to deal with crazy traffic, bad driving conditions or trying to find a parking place. We make it easy for you. We think that’s what senior living safety should mean: fewer worries and unexpected conveniences.

No daily chores.

Taking care of a house on your own isn’t just a lot of work, it can pose some hazards as well. Choosing a carefree and supportive assisted living lifestyle means you no longer have to get on a ladder to change a light bulb. Or crawl under a sink to see where a leak is coming from. No more carrying a heavy laundry basket, sweeping the porch or walking on a slippery sidewalk. Someone is doing all that for you, so you can relax, join an activity or just chat with friends.

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Protection from unwanted visitors.

It is not just annoying to have salespeople or strangers knocking on the door of your home. It can also be a danger, especially for older adults living on their own. In assisted living, you’re part of a friendly neighborhood of people who are looking out for you. We intentionally use the word “community” to describe our apartment buildings because our associates, residents, and families become a community that watches out for one another. Visitors check into the community through the front desk so strangers cannot wander down a hall knocking on doors. It’s a valuable aspect of senior living safety and one that residents appreciate a great deal.

Assistance in emergencies.

Storms happen. The electricity goes out. Windows break or the roof starts leaking. Living at home means you’re vulnerable to the power of mother nature—and in many cases, you’re on your own. In assisted living, you’re in a community that is required by The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) to meet specific protocols for emergency preparedness. You’re surrounded by a professional staff who knows what to do, and someone is on-site 24/7 to assist if needed. Knowing you’re not alone is not only very reassuring, but it’s also a key element of good senior living safety.

Companionship that helps you stay healthy.

Being surrounded by good friends with a busy activities calendar isn’t just a perk, it’s a vital part of healthy aging. Isolation can be dangerous to your physical, emotional and mental health. The antidote is socializing: making new friends, joining others in events and outings, looking forward to meeting up with companions for meals, sharing joys and sadness, and so much more.

In fact, at Heritage, we consider socializing to be a big part of living better, so much so, that “fun” is one of our core values. You can see a movie, join a Zumba class, attend a religious service, laugh with friends in an outdoor courtyard, drop by the salon for a new hairdo, attend a lecture, go shopping, try a happy hour and so much more. No matter what your hobbies, passions or interests are, we offer you the time, space and opportunity to pursue them here, with fewer limitations.

At Heritage, the right touch of assistance throughout the day helps our residents live with more confidence, independence and joy. Senior living safety is a big part of that. That’s all part of living better at Heritage and we’d love to tell you more.

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