Sneak Peek: How Senior Living Residents Spend Their Day

Sneak Peek: How Senior Living Residents Spend Their Day

Variety is the spice of life…at least it is for senior living residents! From art classes to walking clubs to outdoor barbecues to lifelong learning to popsicles on the patio, today’s older adults can find much-appreciated freedom of choice in every day.

But what is a “typical” day in senior living really like? Do you have control over how you stay busy, with choices that appeal to you?

At Heritage Communities, we create the senior living experience you want. From your first day as a resident in our independent living, assisted living, or memory care, your preferences are respected and honored. Whatever fills you, or a loved one, with joy:  that’s what goes into your day in a Heritage community.

Heritage Communities’ senior living residents can be as busy as they choose!

Tarynn Rhynalds, Life Enrichment Director at Heritage Pointe, says her residents start each day being physically active. “We vary the exercise component. For example, we bring in an instructor to help teach residents Tai chi, so good for bone strength and balance. We might have a chair yoga class, a great way to stretch and be ready for the day. We also sometimes bring in a special advisor who can lead residents with Parkinson’s through a variety of movements and exercises.”

And that’s just the morning. “We stay very busy with activities,” says Tarynn. “And here at Heritage Pointe, residents have a lot of input in what we put on the calendar. Tuesday is usually the day for scenic drives, which we started during Covid and they’ve become so popular that now we do them twice a day. Residents love choosing a location and simply riding to it. It gives them a chance to reminisce and enjoy each other’s company.”

Wednesday is often “party day”, when there’s usually something fun to celebrate. Tarynn says each month, all the birthdays for that month are featured. The party might include live music, an entertainer, or a game. “Jeopardy is a big hit!” says Tarynn. Happy Hour is also on Wednesday, as well as Monday and Friday. “Only we call it ‘Wine and Spirits,” she says.

“The sky really is the limit at Heritage Pointe,” says Tarynn. “We have done car shows, family cookouts, dress-up days, holiday parties, and special events for special occasions, such as Oktoberfest, where we might have pretzels and cheese, flavored beers and accordion music.”

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Flexibility is big for senior living residents of Heritage communities. Molly George, Life Enrichment Director at The Heritage at Fox Run, says that’s essential because the goal is always to get to know what each resident most enjoys doing—and give them the opportunity to do it. “You can feel it when you walk into our community:  we are bustling! Music might be playing, residents are greeting one another, maybe getting ready for an outing. I love that ‘fun’ is one of the core values at Heritage. It speaks volumes to what we do and how much our residents enjoy living here.”

Families enjoy the atmosphere as well. In fact, Molly has several family members who regularly volunteer to assist with events, parties, games and more for the senior living residents. “They want to be a part of what is going on here, even if their loved one no longer is residing at The Heritage at Fox Run. They appreciate how important it is to give senior living residents opportunities for fun and interaction.”

At The Heritage at Fox Run, residents also stay busy all day, according to Molly. “It could be church, exercise, driving through a wildlife safari, hearing a concert, movie time with popcorn, a social with root beer floats or just about anything else. I love it when residents come to me and say ‘why do you schedule so much, I can’t decide which to do’. That’s a great problem to have!”

Senior living residents at Heritage are on the go!

At Heritage Communities, we work hard to tailor your experience to your expectations. We know that what suits one senior living resident may not be right for another.  Maybe you’re a private person. Maybe you’re a social butterfly. Or maybe you’re a little of both. Either way, you can enjoy the comfort and privacy of your own apartment and the bustling community around you.

Lectures and presentations. Book club discussions and scenic drives in the country, or an outing to a local attraction. Gatherings of friends to watch the big game. Classes in painting, learning how to crochet, or sign language. For senior living residents in Heritage Communities, every day is an invitation to be stimulated, inspired, and to smile!

This article only touched on a few possibilities—stay tuned for news on some of the amazing special events our residents are enjoying. (Hint: riding camels and gliding in fake snow!)

Expect more fun! Download our free guide, The Complete Guide to Choosing Between Senior Living Options. Or contact us today.

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