Settling into Your New Senior Living Home

Settling into Your New Senior Living Home

Your new senior living home is where you begin to really enjoy the freedom you gave yourself by choosing an extraordinary retirement lifestyle. Now that you’ve closed the door on the pesky details of everyday life a leaky roof, rickety stairs, and boring leftovers night after night, you can say hello to having the time of your life.

At Heritage, we want all our residents to not waste a moment on worries of the past, but instead start enjoying each day as they like while we help them remain as independent as possible. We’ve put together some suggestions on how to quickly settle into your new senior living home.

Your new senior living home: connections and comfort

You’ve made it! The boxes are almost unpacked, and the furnishings are arranged just the way you like. There’s so much to look forward to, new friends to meet, exciting opportunities for learning and fulfillment.

Don’t forget it’s also okay to stop and soak it all in. There’s no hurry because now you can fill your time however you please.

Get to know your neighbors

In a vibrant senior living community, you’re going to be surrounded by interesting, forward-thinking people such as yourself. People who value their independence and who are eager to live life as fully as possible. So don’t be shy: invite them over for a coffee break or cocktail hour. Ask them about how they found their senior living home and what it means to them. Good neighbors make great friends.

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Familiarize yourself with the community

You have had so many things on your mind that it’s hard to keep everything top-of-mind. As a result, you might feel a bit out of water as to where something is located or where the walking path takes you. Don’t worry, time is a great teacher. Do some early morning walking and check out the community’s layout. You’ll feel good knowing where everything is and you’ll be ready to give your family and friends a tour of your senior living home.

Meet the staff

It’s one thing to wave at someone during a tour. It’s another to take a moment to have a conversation with the amazing staff members who are dedicated to making your days a pleasure. It likely won’t be long before you will consider them part of the family. Not only are you building connections, but you’re also reaping the benefits of being part of an inviting and warm neighborhood.

Invite your family and friends over for dinner

Make use of the private dining room and entertain those who matter most to you. They’ll love seeing you in your new senior living home, and you’ll feel the pride of treating your family to a wonderful experience where you are the host or hostess.

Pace yourself in your new senior living home

Don’t try to do everything at once. Enjoy the freedom to be still and relax occasionally. Maybe just pick out one activity a week during the first 30 days after you move in. Set aside time to recharge yourself with yoga, reading, or a few well-earned naps. Drop by the salon for a haircut or manicure. Invite a friend over for a casual walk around the grounds. Enjoy the feeling of coming home each time to something wonderful with no worries.

Be patient

Anything new takes time. Settling into your new senior living home is no different. You’ve made a big change, and over time, you will reap big rewards. In the meantime, just be patient with yourself.

Each day is an opportunity to try something new, make a new friend, and give yourself a gift of peace of mind. Your senior living home is your opportunity to live as you’ve always wanted, so enjoy!

We love it when our residents are making new friends. Download our free guide, The Family Decision Toolkit. Or contact us today to learn more or schedule a tour.

click to download our guide, the family decision toolkit